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Tissue Paper Pumpkin Mural

This project is so much fun! There are a few steps to follow though but I think it is worth it!

For the first part of the project you will need:

- Canvas or watercolor paper

- Bleeding tissue paper

- squirt bottle

- (optional) modge podge

2nd part of the project:

- Foam sheet (could also just use paper)

- Paint (we used black and purple)

First I drew a very light outline of a pumpkin. My daughter was given instructions to only use orange and yellow inside the pumpkin and then she helped choose the colors for the outside, we did blue and purple

(I wouldn't use more than a couple of colors or it will turn muddy).

Then, we let them dry. Once the pieces dry they will just fall right off. Then, to be honest, I don't feel like they bled enough onto the canvas (watercolor paper would probably work better) so I decided to modge podge down the orange pieces.

After that dried again, we stamped on faces! I cut out some shapes from a foam sheet, she chose what pieces to use to make the faces, added paint, and stamped them on to the pumpkins. We love how they turned out!

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