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Agnes Martin inspired Tape Art

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

We have a new art project for you that is mess free, really relaxing, and inspired by an amazing female artist - Agnes Martin.

Painting by Agnes Martin

Agnes was born in 1912 in Canada but moved to Washington when she was 19 years old.

As an adult she suffered from mental Illness and spent a lot of her life living minimally and alone in the desert of New Mexico. This heavily influenced the work she was making. Her artistic practice was all about capturing the innocence and simplicity of everyday life, and was especially inspired by nature.

This is one of her paintings. She often painted lines and grids with soft colors.

What does this make you feel?

What words would you use to describe this artwork?

materials needed for project


  • Paper

  • Washi tape

Seriously, that’s it, only two materials needed!

We cut long strips of tape, at least the length of the paper, and laid them across the paper to make our own colorfully lined artworks. (We just wrapped the tape around to the back instead of cutting the pieces). You can overlap colors or leave spaces in between, whatever you want.

Try turning on some relaxing music and make a few different artworks using different color palettes and then compare what feelings the different versions evoke.

girl making tape art project

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