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Art history is more than a painting in a museum. It is full of story, of meaning, and inspiration.


Our mission at Color Wink Studio is to inspire creativity, grow confidence, and encourage thoughtfulness through art making. 


We place special emphasis on Art History, helping children develop critical skills such as close looking, connection making, and empathy. With these skills, children feel more empowered to then use their creativity and confidence in all aspects of their life. 


Meet Hadley


Hi! Welcome to Color Wink Studio! My name is Hadley and I am an artist and educator!

For me, this all started when I was a young girl attending art classes at the local art museum and flipping through my Van Gogh book for the hundredth time. 


In college I took a required art history course and never looked back. I’d declared my major to be art history before I even finished the course. I went on to get my masters in art history but couldn’t let go of working with the kids. I started working in museum education and have loved every minute of it. 


My passion and love of creativity has stayed with me through everything I’ve taken on and that is what we hope to instill in your children - a creativity that runs so deep they can always have the confidence they need to tackle anything that comes their way!

a little bit more about me...


I live in New York City with my husband and two daughters. We think it's the greatest city in the world and love to call it home!


One of my favorite things to do is keep a planner and make plans. I check my planner every morning and every night before bed.


If I’m not making art you can probably find me reading! I love to read and have a whole wall full of books.


I love my high-top sneakers, especially ones with an art history theme! I hope to own a museum's worth of art history shoes one day.

Untitled_Artwork 19.png

Of course I also make some art of my own and love illustration - you can check out my portfolio here:


Some of my favorite things, all in one photo - my family, New York, some sweet sneakers, and lots of color!

We believe in the power of art and strive to make creating and learning more accessible to families. We offer drawing prompts, art history inspired projects, classes, activity ideas, and art kits - all to help you easily bring creativity into your home. 

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