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Simple Valentine's Card

Have a bunch of Valentine cards to get done this week? We have two simple card design ideas that use minimal materials AND they are inspired by art history!

First option is inspired by Pablo Picasso who is known for his abstract portraits that focus on simple shapes.


  • White paper

  • Paint sticks

  • Black oil pastel

Grab a piece of white paper, I folded mine in half and then cut it to a square shape. Then pick your color of paint stick (a lighter color is best) and draw a square. Next pick a paint stick color for your heart - a bright bold color will work best. Let it dry for a minute or so, then using a black oil pastel draw some facial features - some eyes, a nose, and some lips. That's it! Write a special note inside and share the love.

The next card is inspired by Keith Haring, a famous pop artist known for his simple black line drawings, which would occasionally have pops of color, like red hearts.


  • White paper

  • Black oil pastel

  • Red paint stick

Start with a white piece of paper, you can use whatever size you want. I kept mine a smaller rectangle. Then use the black oil pastel and fill up your whole piece of paper with simple black lines and shapes. Then use your red paint stick to draw a big heart in the center. Add a loving note on the other side and send it to your Valentine!

Happy Valentine's Day! 💕

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