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Mark Rothko Inspired Collages

One of my favorite artists is Mark Rothko, who would make these beautiful large scale paintings of blocks of color. Rothko was born in 1903 in Russia and immigrated to the US when he was a kid. He truly discovered art making while in college and began to see it as a tool for emotional expression. Though he experimented with different types of art, he is best known for his color field paintings. Each one captures a mixture of feelings that are so relatable even though they are just abstract paintings of color, it's a universal language. It's truly magical and captivating.

This project is simple and mostly mess free (bonus for you!)


- Strips of colorful paper (I cut them all to the same size so they are ready to go)

- Glue

- White paper

I gave a handful of strips of paper to each kid. I made sure there was a mixture of warm colors and cold colors and we actually talked a little bit about what warm colors are and what colors are and how each of them might make us feel different emotions. There weren't really any right or wrong answers here.

Then they were free to arrange the color strips in whatever way they wanted, super simple and open ended.

*Tip* cut up some strips of scrap painted pieces of color so you can recycle some old artworks. We did a mixture of painted paper and colorful paper we had in our art materials.

Share your projects with us! @colorwinkstudio

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