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Self Portrait Collage

Updated: May 3, 2022

We made the cutest mixed media self portraits as gifts for grandparents (these would be perfect for Mother’s Day too!)


- Canvas

- Paint

- Sponges, Pom poms, etc.

- Tissue paper

- Mod Podge

- Black and white printed photo

First we painted our canvases using sponges and pom poms to explore new textures with our paints. This is a great opportunity to explore some color theory- challenge them to mix up colors that they feel represent themselves while discussing how to mix up different colors.

While that dried we printed out photos of each of the girls in black and white and cut them out. This is a great time to talk about what a self portrait is - an artwork by an artist of themselves. And it usually shares something about the artist through symbols, color, or how they represent themselves. Ask them what photo they feel best represents them.

Next we mod podged the photos on top of the painted canvases along with some tissue paper for even more texture.

*Tip* cover the whole canvas with pod modge and let them stick stuff on top and then cover anything added with an additional layer of mod podge. (This part was a little messy and sticky so I didn’t get any photos unfortunately.)

That was it. They turned out to be the cutest, most colorful portrait collages that proudly hang in the grandparents homes!

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