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Watercolor + Cut Paper Project

I got this idea in my head for a new art project and we immediately tested it out and we LOVED the results!


Watercolors + watercolor paper

Oil Pastels

Black paper

Glue stick


First I grabbed some watercolor paper and cut it in half (one for each kid) then I measured out some black paper to the same size. Then we started the art! We colored with some oil pastels to make some fun water resistant lines and then we water colored on top, filling up the whole page with color. While that dried we folded up the black paper (in half, then in half again) and cut out some shapes (kind of like what you do when making a snowflake.) Then once it was all dry, we glued our weblike black paper designs on top! I love projects with a few steps, it keeps kids engaged and practice a handful of different skills!

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