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Stencil Tree Collage

We love layering projects and we like to experiment with different materials and this project let us do just that!

My daughter said she wanted to paint a tree with presents under it but she is still a little young to paint a tree herself so I quickly cut out a tree stencil. Then we used our screen printer to apply the paint. *You do NOT need to have this though, you could easily just tape a paper stencil down and have your child paint on top.

Once the tree is painted in you can add decorations and presents. We had some liquid acrylic paint so she squirted some of that on the canvas to decorate the tree. Next she wanted to add presents - she wanted a rectangle, triangle, circle, and hexagon so I helped her cut those shapes out with some foam pieces so she could add the paint and stamp them on to her canvas. We also used a large pom pom to stamp circle shapes.

That was it. I just took her cues and we experimented and went from there. You don't need to have anything special at your house to do this project though. You just need some paint and paper, if you have other materials like pompoms and foam then great, but if not, just let your child paint and experiment on top of their tree.

We would love to see your work! Use #colorwinkstudio if you share on social media! Happy holidays and happy painting!

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