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'Grateful' Watercolor Wash

We have been thinking about what we are grateful for this week as we prepare for Thanksgiving and did a simple art project to hang in our home for the upcoming holiday!

First I prepped the watercolor paper with some liquid masking fluid (you could also use a white crayon, oil pastel, or maybe even glue) and spelled out grateful. I have two girls so we tried two different fonts.

Next I taped the paper down onto our table and set out water, brushes, and filled a palette with watercolors, we did warm colors only. I let them use my "fancy" watercolors that come out of a tube so we were able to curate the colors we chose. This was a perfect opportunity to also talk about what warm colors are, what they remind us of, and why we chose to use warm colors for this project.

(If you wanted to encourage them to use warm colors but don't have a way to only set those out, you could try taping over the cooler colors.)

Once it dried we removed the tape and masking fluid and had beautiful paintings to hang on our mantel.


- Watercolor paper

- Brushes

- Watercolors (warm colors: orange, yellow, red, pink)

- Cup with water

- Water resistant material such as crayon, oil pastel, or liquid glue

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