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Explore Ukrainian Art with Maria Prymachenko

It has been such a difficult time as we have all watched the violence unfold in the Ukraine. I am sure many of your kids have had questions that are hard to answer. We were saddened to learn that a Ukrainian museum was burned and a lot of the work of a beloved Ukrainian artist, Maria Prymachenko, was destroyed. After hearing that news I decided that a great way to work through all these feelings and emotions was to learn more about her work and create some art to honor her and the people of Ukraine.

We have shared a coloring page of one of her works (make sure you are subscribed to our email list for free access to our drawing prompts library) and today we want to share an art project idea. Creating art with your kids can create a relaxing environment to discuss everything that is taking place and answer their questions. We hope you feel inspire and find some peace. So without further adieu....

Meet Maria Prymachenko:

Maria Prymachenko was a Ukrainian folk art painter born in 1909. As a young girl she suffered from polio but that didn’t stop her from painting and drawing, she even painted the walls of her house. During her life she lost a lot, including her partner to war and her brother to the nazis but that only strengthened her compassion and empathy for those around her.

Maria was a very talented self-taught artist and her work received multiple awards and was exhibited in various shows through out Europe. Her bold, bright art was inspired by Ukrainian folk tales, nature and the goodness of her people. Each work has a beautiful rhythm and balance to the figures and icons.

What stands out to you in these paintings? Do they remind you of anything?

For this project we felt really inspired by this painting called “A Dove has Spread Her Wings and Asks for Peace.” It brings such a hopeful message. There are a few ways do to this project but to get you started you can print out the dove and the title to use for your artwork.

Other materials you will need:

Paint (we used gouache, what Maria liked to use)

A piece of yellow paper (or paint your own)

Foam (optional)

Cardboard (optional)



Ukrainian Art
Download PDF • 1.36MB

Project Instructions

First we painted designs on our dove inspired by Maria’s folk art style. Then we made flower and leaf stamps using foam. First we sketched the design on the foam and then cut it out. Next we glued it onto a piece of cardboard. Then we covered them in paint and stamped them onto our yellow paper.

*If you don’t have foam another option would be to just paint your own flowers or you could also paint flowers on one side and then fold it in half while it is still wet to transfer it to the other side. This is a fun technique to use especially because a lot of Maria’s work was very symmetrical.

Then we cut out the dove and the banner with the title and glued them on top. For finishing touches we added in a few other leafy details with some paint.

We would love to see your Maria Prymachenko inspired artwork, tag us or use #colorwinkstudio

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