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Atsuko Tanaka inspired Art

After discovering Atsuko Tanaka we got so inspired by all of her art we had to do another project (check out our Neo-Dada art guide for the first project we did based on her Electric Dress).

For this project we first looked at a few of her artworks and we talked about what we noticed.

Then we got to work.


- canvas

- paint

- string

- recycled lids

- hot glue gun

First we arranged the recycled lids on the canvas and hot glued them. Then we grabbed some paint, dipped string in it, and moved it across the canvas to connect the different circles. We even left some of the string on the canvas.

This project is abstract and has no rules to follow. We just looked at the artwork, felt inspired, and created our own artworks. Turn on some music and see where your inspiration takes you!

(You can also check out our instagram reels to see our process)


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