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Abstract Hearts Banner

We love love over here and so we are really big fans of Valentine's Day. My daughter calls it Heart Friends Day and we like to decorate and celebrate so we made a banner!

Here is what you will need to make your own:

- Felt pieces

- Scissors

- Glue (we used hot glue)

- String

- Hole punch

First we cut big hearts out of some felt pieces. Then I cut out a variety of little shapes from the left over felt. I set everything out and let the girls decide where they wanted to place everything. They were very thoughtful with their decisions. Then I hot glued them into place. Next we punched two holes in the top and strung some string through to make it into a banner!

This project can be adjusted in a few different ways depending on the age of your kids and how much you want to participate. I wanted a banner that would last awhile so we used hot glue and I did the glueing. Also my daughters still don't know how to use scissors so I cut out the shapes.

Plus this project let us talk about abstract art and creating with shapes. We discussed how we were making abstract art because we weren't making anything specific with the shapes, we were just using basic shapes to create a design.

Happy Heart Friends Day, friends!

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