Exploring Art History

AGES 7-12


Explore the past, create the future.

What's Included:

  • Guided exploration on 5 art movements including: post-impressionism, fauvism, cubism, futurism, & expressionism
  • 2 projects for each art movement (10 projects total)
  • Videos to walk you through the movements, and each project
  • All materials needed (optional) 

Explore art history through hands on activities.


There is so much inspiration that can come from studying art which sparks new ideas and builds confidence. 

This course explores 5 different art movements - moving chronologically through history. Each section briefly discusses some artists and artworks within the art movement and then guides the student through 2 art projects inspired by what they just discovered. 


This course would be great for a school break - just study one new art movement each day. But of course you can also just use it for fun on your own time!  

*Recommended age range of 7-12 so they can complete the course mostly on their own. Projects can be done with younger kids with more adult assistance.

And the end of this class you'll...
  • Understand how to take inspiration from the past and combine it with your unique strengths to create something that is your own

  • Be able to identify themes from art history in every day life

  • Gain experience with working in new mediums and techniques

  • Grow in confidence as an artist and creator

This course comes with a list of  materials,
or you can purchase the course bundle that includes all needed materials:

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