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Exploring Art History

Art (History) Guides to get you creating 


Explore the past, create the future.

Explore art history through hands on activities.

There is so much inspiration that can come from studying art as it sparks new ideas and builds confidence. 

Each of our guides introduces you to an art movement and then guides you through multiple art projects inspired by what you just discovered. 

*Each guide can be done with kids of all ages but adjustments will need to be made for younger kids (ie assistance from an adult, help cutting, briefer conversations about the works, etc.) 

What's Included:

  • Guided exploration of an art movement including an introduction, vocabulary words, and information on key artists and their work
  • instruction for multiple projects 
  • additional printable activities 
Current art guides 
(more are coming soon!)
These guides will help you:
  • Develop important skills such as close - looking, connection making, and creative problem solving

  • Understand how to take inspiration from the past and combine it with your unique strengths to create something that is your own

  • Be able to identify themes from art history in every day life

  • Gain experience with working in new mediums and techniques

  • Grow in confidence as an artist, creator, and problem solver

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